April 25th, 10am EST: PHAGE 101


Learn the use of bacteriophage technology for listeria kill on finished products, food contact surfaces and for environmental hot spots. By harnessing of the power of nature and specifically applying listeria killing phages, processors can increase the level of food safety throughout their operations and to the consumer. PhageGuard Listex P100 is a phage based product which destroys all serovars of listeria, not just L. mono. (www.phageguard.com)

The session presenter is Ms. Robin Peterson with Micreos, a Netherlands based biotechnology company whose focus is on the use of phage technology for food safety and human and animal health. Robin has an MS in Agriculture and has been working in the area of food safety for the past 20 years.

A Q&A session will follow the presentation.

We will send you a link confirming your registration & webinar paticipation details for 4/25!

Andes, NY
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